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Services We Offer

Web Development

In today’s age, websites have undoubtedly become an identity of all type of organizations. It is generally the first impression of your business for many of your clients - more...

Mobile Apps

Smart phones have become an integral part of our life. In a world where people are constantly on the move, the importance of mobility is ever increasing. Your clients want to be able to view your product, and make purchases - more...

eCommerce ERP

The internet is slowly becoming the hub of business activity. The future of shopping is online and with the rapid increase in internet penetration, the multi-million dollar industry is going to get a huge boost. As people get busier with - more...

Customize Software

In today’s business scenario, Organizations of all sizes take various measures to get an edge over their competitors. Delivering their product or service to the right client at the right time at the right cost thus becomes very important - more...

Project Management

The key to the successful completion of a software development project must is good project management. Any software project is a complex and challenging due to various factors like the different technologies involved - more...


In this competitive world of e-business, it is not enough to have a good product and a good website. You need to plan and put a clear strategy as the base of your online business to succeed over your competitors. Among the innumerable - more...

How We Work

Requirement Gathering & Analysis

Requirements gathering is an essential part of any project and project management. A project always starts with gathering of requirements. Unless a client’s exact needs are not properly gathered, analyzed and understood thoroughly, their project can never be successfully executed. That’s why we follow the full SDLC and start gathering and understanding your requirements right from the very first meeting. Every small detail that you share with us regarding your needs is carefully documented, exhaustively analyzed and then converted into an integral part of your project.

Our Project Managers are highly trained in eliciting all necessary information from our clients so as to leave nothing to chance in making their project development a success. Continuous exchange of information through the project life cycle and thorough quality checks during and post development ensure that not a single requirement of the client is missed out.

Prototype Design & Confirmation

Once we are sure we have understood everything our client’s needs, our developers start creating the first prototype of your project. This could be in the form of a preliminary software version, or a dummy website, or something as simple as a test module. Whatever forms the prototype might take; quality is always covered right at the foundation. Even during prototype designing, our QA team is actively involved in the development.

Once it passes quality assurance, the first design is presented to clients for their assessment, trial and confirmation. In most cases, our prototype design is so robust, we are confident that it will easily receive client approval… In other words, we take pride in creating projects that do not need to be reworked on at any time.

Software Development & Testing

So our client has approved the prototype and we have the signal to go full steam ahead. That’s where our senior developers take charge and start full scale development. Every requirement of the client is revisited and care taken to ensure that the same is included in the project being developed. Nothing is left to chance… the requirement specifications are fully shared with the QA team, who recheck everything from a quality and completion perspective.

After the software is developed, the testing team takes over. The product is pulled, twisted, skewed and taken through rigorous manual and automated testing procedures to check for any weaknesses or gaps. Nothing is left to chance; every function and sub-function is tested and re-tested. Only when the testers have had their fun do we consider your project as ready for presentment.

Client Confirmation & Go Live

This is where we present the project to the client for their approval. Trial runs are provided, requirements received are re-verified with the client and their people – the ones who will actually work on the software are given a free run to check everything about the project. While the software might still be hosted on our servers or might be in trial form, every functionality would be fully activated for the client to determine its capabilities.

Post client satisfaction and confirmation, our implementation team takes charge to make the project live on the client site. Strong coordination with the client’s team is ensured so that there is no negative impact on the client’s business during the go live phase. Extensive training to the client’s team is also conducted to get them acclimatized to the new software.

Go Live Support & Maintainance

Projects do not end with implementation; rather, it is the actual start. Only after the product has been used and tested in real life scenarios do its functionality, strengths and errors truly show up. Our support and maintenance teams continuously hand hold the client through the initial phases of real life usage of every product we develop for them. Any bugs, whether actual or perceived, are immediately addressed. The focus at all times is to ensure there is zero down time for the client’s business.

We all know the importance of regular servicing of any and all products we purchase. Same is the case for IT products. Once we have developed and implemented your project, we will continue to monitor its performance and provide necessary support and timely maintenance to keep it running smoothly and error free ad infinitum.

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